Onihonto.com Mission:

Honor and Integrity will be uncompromised in the advocation of Samurai Artifact Collecting and Investing and will be the basis of every item represented.

Nihonto are authentic Japanese Swords, Naginata and Yari made by traditional methods.  These were the weapons of Samurai who followed the ways of Bushido.


An outstanding Juyo Token Naginata Naoshi by Osafune Masamitsu of the Kanemitsu Den.

Price: Inquire

A fine Nambokucho Period tanto from the O Sa school.  Comes with premium koshirae and shirasaya with sayagaki.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon.

Price: $15,000

An Uchigatana, signed Nagamitsu, from the Koto Period.  Excellent Blade.  Recently passed NTHK Shinsa. Comes with nice Higo style koshirae.

Price: Inquire


An outstanding Gendai Ken.

Price: SOLD